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If you're curious about me and what I can offer you please text me with any questions or concerns!

Much appreciation
-Sam Skillman

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5 months ago
Sam is wonderful! Her massage is not a relaxing massage in the slightest, but she is so upfront about that. Day after I could hardly believe how much better I felt. She also has helped improve my range of motion. If you love quirky and authentic, Sam is the massage therapist for you. 100% recommend and will be visiting regularly.
- Emerald S

About me

Why Kick-ass?

​Because my massage will kick your ass.​

My technique is very specific, meaning I only work on targeted areas of pain.

That is to say, you will leave my office feeling sore; however, I swear it will be a different type than when you came in.

The next day, though? (Assuming you drink plenty of water and follow my suggestions)​You'll feel the relief you are seeking.

Things to know-

My massages aren’t for the faint of heart and most assuredly are going to kick your ass. 

If you're in chronic pain, hurt yourself around the house, suffered a sports injury, or any other incident that had you cursing like a sailor-  I’m your girl. 

Getting people out of pain is my passion, and I’m very enthusiastic about helping you get back to life without groaning, moaning, and cursing every time you shift.

IMPORTANT:  I’m not adept at Swedish, so if you’re looking for a standard relaxation massage, I’m not the LMT for you.

However, I do offer Craniosacral therapy also referred to as CST.

This technique is entirely different from my standard massages and focuses more on the calming of the nervous system.

I know, not very specific, right?

Trust me, I get it.

​So let me try to break it down to the best of my ability.​

Right, you ready for this?

That's okay, I'm not sure if I am either <--- aka if you're looking for a therapist who knows their anatomy-sorry, not your girl. 


Here's my best summation of what CST is all about! 

The body, anybody, is made up of a three-dimensional connective tissue known as Fascia.  

(Ever have to cut the white parts out of raw chicken? That's Fascia.) ​ 

From your toes to your eyes, It’s legit what keeps everything connected. 

(Think about it kinda like the casing of a sausage, without it the body wouldn’t hold properly.) 

Nightmare inducing mental image aside- 

Fascia is the most important component of keeping you whole, literally, so as you can probably guess, when damaged it can really cause some severe chaos. 

But here’s where fascia gets fascinating- 

Fascia, for as durable as it is, and it is durable (white part in chicken remember) is highly sensitive. 

And I'm talking sensitive. Like, stereotypical teenage girl sensitive. 

Don't believe me? 

Google it. 

Fascia can not only store emotions and trauma, it can be hurt by it. 

Yeah, that's right- 

The soft tissue that connects your muscle, tendons, ligaments, and so, so, so much more-

Can be damaged by something as intangible as emotions. 

Terrifying, right? 

I think so.  

That being said, all manners of metaphysical damage can cause fascia to tangle and become stuck which can lead to just about any dysfunction in the body.  Such as limited range of motions, migraines, TMJ, to PTSD and Depression.

So, where does CST come in? 

My best description? 

Think about a fly stuck in a spider web. 

​The spider web is Fascia.​ 

The fly is the damage.​ 

What CST does is unwind the web around the fly, so it can go back to doing fly like things.  

Which in this case would mean allowing your body to return to its natural, healthy, state.  

And, yeah, that about sums it up in my mind, so moving on…

 My standard method:

Cliff notes- 

I am slow, thorough, and very methodical. 

Keyword: Slow.

Full story: 

I'm what you call an integrative therapist. 

You might be asking yourself, the hell is that? 

Which fair. 

So, simple answer?

I use every tool in my arsenal I've learned in the last six years to help promote your well-being and relief from whatever has you seeking therapy in the first place.

Before booking, please understand that I’m a targeted therapist, which means I spend the whole session working on your problem areas rather than the typical full-body experience.

Depending on the severity of injury of the area I’m working on, it can take me anywhere from 15 minutes through to the entire session. (even if that session is two hours…) 

My meticulousness is why I feel my techniques are so effective, and is what sets me apart from many of my peers. 

Important to note: 

If you opt for the 60, 90, or 120-minute session and inform me my technique is not your cup of tea within the first fifteen minutes, the session will end, and you won’t be charged.


I'm only this engaging on paper. 

In-person, I'm rather aloof and quiet-especially when I'm focused on my work.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and deeply appreciate you stopping by to see what I have to offer.
-Sam Skillman   
  LMT 84067​

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